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Spectral Library

Plant Species

The building up of a web-based spectral library used for analysing hyperspectral remote sensing data. Thereby the spectrometry data of the different type of vegetations stored in the project PhenoSpec in various phenologic phases.

lat. Nameeng. NameImage
Agrostis capillarisHighland Bentgrass CalamagrostisEpigejos


Calamagrostis epigejosWood Small Reed, Bushgrass
Corynephorus canescensGrey Hair-grass
Helichrysum arenariumEverlasting
Hieracium pilosellaMouse-ear Hawkweed HieraciumPilosella


Jasione montanaSheepsbit Scabious
Petrorhagia proliferaChilding-pink, Proliferous Pink Petrorhagia Prolifera

Petrorhagia Prolifera

Rumex acetosellaSheep's sorrel, Red sorrel
Trifolium arvenseHore's foot
Phalaris arundinacea
Urtica dioica
Alopecurus geniculatus